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1981 Japan Literary Award
1983 Japan General Knowledge Award
1984 Best Dresser Award in Japan
1985 Best Hair Style Award in Japan
1987 Kimono Cultural Award
1991 Best Office-User Award
1996 Honorary Sommelier
1999 Les Piliers Chablisiens
1999 - 2002 Honorary Director of the Saiku Historical Museum
2006 - Ambassador of Mie Prefecture
2010 - Ambassador of Ise City

1980 - Member of the Japan P.E.N Club
1982 Member of the Committee for Drawing Up a Vision for the Space Industry, Ministry of International Trade and Industry
1984 Member of the Study Committee for Marine City Space Development
Nov.1986 - Aug.1994 Board Director of Japan Young Astronauts Club
1987 Member of the Transportation Study Group,Ministry of Transport
Apr.1992 - Mar.1993 Member of the Basic Concept Committee for the Tokyo Metropolitan Space Science Building
Apr.1993 - Mar.1994 Member of the Basic Plan Study Committee for the Tokyo Metropolitan Space Science Building
Aug.1995 - Establish Japan Maria Reiche Fund
Sep.1995 - Dec. 2000 Member of the Building Council, Ministry of Construction
Feb.- Dec.1997 Member of the Advisory Working Group on "Robolympic" :International Contest of the Robot,The Science and Technology Agency
Apr.1998 - Mar.2000 Member of the Customs Dissatisfaction Review Committee, Ministry of Finance
Apr.1998 - Mar.1999 Member of the Advisory Working Group for Historical Heritages and Traditional Culture, Ministry of Home Affairs
July1998 - Mar. 2000 Member of the Promotion Committee for the 100th Anniversary of Japanese immigration to Peru, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nov.1998 - Mar.1999 Member of the Screening Committee for the 20 Century Design Stamps, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications